Monday, November 1, 2010

A Not So Spooky Trip To Salem, Massachusetts

On the day before Halloween a cat named April and

a veterinarian named Amos drove to the spookiest place in America .....

Salem, Massachusetts! This is the city where the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692 which resulted in the hangings of nineteen innocent men and women and the tortuous death of one man who was pressed to death.  

        But don't worry, we weren't spooked at all; instead we smiled at

                        the sight of a furry and adorable yellow submarine....

                       and cheered at the sight of a serious Patriots fan.....

and we were tempted to buy everything in this amazing pet boutique! Now this is THE shop to go to for all of your cat's and dog's holiday costumes, collars, leashes, and more!

And I nearly died and went to heaven in Modern Millie's, a consignment and vintage shop where I will buy my  Mad Men office gal outfit for next Halloween.....

And we both said, "Awwwww!" at the sight of Wonder Woman!Isn't she a beauty?

And we were awestruck as we walked in Prince Poppycock's footsteps

                        and later on I hooked up with Captain Hook!

And soon after that I was in the arms of Officer Jim Dangle himself! Amos is the true Reno 911 fanatic but he wouldn't pose with the officer and I didn't mind one bit! 

By the end of the day we wished someone would push us through the streets of Salem but the little guy wouldn't share his stroller with us so we headed to our car instead. Bye-bye, Salem! We'll be back next year!


  1. It sure did look like a fun trip!

  2. What a fun trip and a great place to visit for Halloween!

  3. Yuh, Salem gets invaded every year. Glad you had fun. It was a great weekend for it.


  4. Hehehehe...dat brings back memories fur my mum. Hers went their on her honeymoon...hehehehe!


  5. It sounds like such a fun trip! That little guy in the tie... OMG... He is so cute! I want to smother him with kisses! (don't tell Alex!)

  6. OMC i LOVE your costume!!!! Purrfect! The spooky music in the background is just fabulous and the costumes on the babies were adorable! What a fun trip you took!

  7. Awwwww I never thought I'd say this what with its historical reputation and everything but Salem is adorable!! And thanks mainly to these beautiful doggies!! Awwww how cute!!!

    Me and Charlie loved you as a kitty!!!

    Thanks for these lovely pics!! happy halloween!! Take care

  8. How fun! We have friends who live in Salem! I would love to go one year!

    ~The Mama Monster

  9. My momma went there a few years ago with my grandma! She had a lot of fun! It's pretty close to us too!

  10. Oh that looks like fun! I like Reno 911, too. And I love, love love vintage shops! Wish I had one near me.


  11. Looks like there was something for everyone! What a great day out.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  12. We visited Boston last May and I tried to get my husband to go on over to Salem...I think I wore him out on the literary tour of Concord though...maybe next time! Looks like great fun!!

  13. What a fun day!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  14. No place better than Salem, MA on Halloween weekend (been there several times around that time). Great pictures too!

  15. What a fun day. Hey, that last picture looked like Mr. Pip (but he is in Chicago)
    That Reno 911 guy is a hoot!


  16. Great pictures, Teacher. Wish I was there too. Invite me next time, purrrrlease. I'll share my stroller with you. purrrr....meow!

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  18. Oh my goodness, that is the best!!
    Benny & Lily

  19. Oh that would be so cool, especially on Halloween! Great idea - and great photos!!

  20. What a fun trip you had in Salem. It seems it's a very interesting place to visit. Love those costumes and you'd met so many famous characters!!!

  21. I would ALWAYS share my stroller with you! Shame on this little guy! But seriously, I have always wanted to visit Salem, MA. It looks like you had a great time!

    Your pal, Pip

  22. Did you ever hear about the tunnels in Salem? They have this new Salem walking tour that travels above them. The tour teaches you the history of the politicians who built them to avoid paying Jefferson's custom duties! Things do not change... Visit to find out more about this Salem walking tour.


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