Monday, October 11, 2010

Confessions Of A Book Addict

Dear blogger friends,

Even though we've barely met I feel a certain kinship with everyone and for that reason I am going to tell you something that only a handful of people know about me... I am a book addict! My hands simply cannot stop picking up books at bookstores, libraries, and yard sales.
Even when I am cat sitting my eyes scan the owner's book shelves and if I see a book that looks interesting I will jot the title down and then order it on!


But it doesn't  make sense to order more books especially when my shelves are so full that I have to start stacking the rest on top of my beside table, does it? Well, the only excuse I have for my addiction is that I can share my favorites with you and one of my current favorites is on the top of the stack. Let me give you a closer look of.....
one of the best dog friendly novels I've ever had the pleasure to read, Free To A Good Home, and what a page turner it is too!

Free to a Good Home by Eve Marie Mont is a lovely book that appealed to me because the main character, Noelle, is someone I would love to meet because she is a vet tech in a New England town who lives with a Great Dane and I feel I could talk to her for hours about her seemingly perfect life. However, I found out that her life is not so perfect: her marriage falls to pieces after her husband reveals that he is gay, she can't seem to find Mr. Right, and her ex-husband keeps asking her for favors that are quite unconventional.

I think everyone who has a dog (or is thinking of adopting one) will enjoy this heartfelt tale so please pick up a copy today! You won't be disappointed!


  1. There is nothing wrong with wanting lots of your favorite things...I'm the same way with fuzzy mice!

  2. Mom says thanks fur the book review. She will prolly order dis one to read. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Howdy!

    Thanks for telling me about this book! Momma and I love to read doggie books and we can't wait to get our hands on this one!!!! May Momma and I suggest The Dogs Who Found Me by Ken Foster. He's a local guy who runs a pawesome pit bull rescue in New Orleans.

    Lots of slobber,
    Droopy (and Momma)

  4. I am the same way,I read everything and anything. I had quite the collection before I moved away to school and had to get rid of everything but the favourites.

  5. Ha! I'm a book addict, too! Wait until you get your hands on a nook or Kindle and can get all sorts of free downloads! I have books with me all the time now. That does look like a good book. I'll have to look for it.

  6. I too am a book addict! I am going to keep my eyes open for this one, thank you for the recommendation!

  7. I can completely relate to the book addiction issue. Thankfully, my fiance recognized the problem and was sympathetic to my plight. He put (4) 48 x 84 bookshelves in what used to be my office! The shelves aren't full yet, but I'm sure it won't take long! There is nothing better than getting a new book that you can't wait to read!

  8. hello, my name is puglete...and i am a book addict too. i love them! i will look for this book at my library. thanks!

  9. Thanks for the book tip, sounds like something I'd like. We have a Kindle, so no more problem with too many books, we love it....but it's not really the same as holding a real book.

    Wyatt's Mom

    p.s. Did you ever read, 'The Dogs of Babel' ?

  10. Just get another bookshelf. That's what mom does. She's had to put down the pleasure reading during the school year, but she always has her nose stuck in a book.

    Tallulah says she's never been compared to Sandra Bullock, but she's pleased with the association. Sandra makes people laugh and that's a pug job if there ever was one. Tallulah has better taste in men though. Tattoos are tacky.

  11. I'm a book addict too! One of my favorite features of my new house is a wall of bookshelves!!

  12. Sounds interesting. I do a bit of reading myself, though I'm not quite an addict (I save that for golf)!!

    Last good book I read was:
    A dogs purpose - by W. Bruce Cameron

  13. Oh my cats and dogs!!!!! You and Mum must have been separated at birth. Dad just lost his space on his night stand to mum's books as they we over flowing from the bookcase!!! She has to really refrain from walking into any book store and mum is totally nerdy in that she luvs a library!


  14. My Duchess is a book addict too. And we have run out of places to put them too!
    Now I know she will be hunting for the one you are reading.

    Emma Rose

  15. Yes I am a book addict too, I know exactly what you are talking about. I also however have a series of adventure books for children that I want to finish writing soon.

  16. Oh wow!! That sounds like a fab book - thanks for the info - I'll definitely look this one up - it sounds like a real page turner and has such a delicious twist too - thank you!! And of course everyone should be a book addict!! We should all have books piled high willy nilly! Books are our friends!!
    :-) You just carry on with this addiction - good for you!!!! Me and Charlie say "yay!"

    Take care

  17. This sounds like a wonderful book! Thank you for telling us about it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. Sounds like a great book. HH is a book addict too. And, she just finished writing a book about me... I'm gonna take a look at Free to a Good Home. Thanks for the tip.

  19. Blog Mom says that sounds like a great book. I have to admit I'm not that much of a reader myself, but my humans are. The only thing is that when Blog Mom gets into a book she doesn't have so much time for my blogging. I might let her have this one, though.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  20. Thank you for sharing :) Im always looking for a new book to read! Ill add this to the list!

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  22. LOL. I'm the same way! Looks like a great read ... bookstore, here I come. :)

  23. heehee, miss april, it's totally okie dokie. we all have our addictions...mine just happens to be squeaky balls! anywho, thankies for the book review! me and asa and mama think this book sounds grrreat! mama will look for it next time she goes to the library!

    the booker man

  24. Our Mom used to have the same addiction, BUT since she & Dad have all of us, we decided her green papers were better spent on stuff for us! Thankfully there is a library about 1 mile from our house and she brings home stacks and stacks!
    The Road Dogs

  25. That book sounds like a good read. Ill have to look for it. We used to have over 3000 books here but donated them after moving. If only we knew a used book store opened nearby with trade credit. Now we keep very little books because we keep trading them in.

  26. I totally understand - I can't leave a bookstore without a pile (I have three bins of books - like big storage bins - that I plan to get rid of - that is just the get rid of pile - so imagine what I started with). I haven't been to a bookstore in a long time in order to avoid temptation (lucky for me at least that I can't really do any good browsing online, and I have an aversion to used books - it's a weird germ thing). So I can understand where you are coming from!

  27. I'll add that title to our list of recommended animal books on Dogs-N-More blog. Thanks for the tip.

  28. Oh I'm definitely a book addict as well. Try anything by Terry Pratchett! He's a genius!

    Neyland D. Catt


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