Monday, August 9, 2010

What I've Learned About Corgis

To know Rian (the devious guy on the left) and George is to love them and to pet sit for them is pure joy. This picture explains why they won me over right from the get-go; Rian pretends to look shy and innocent but he's completely the opposite and his older brother has never known a bad day in his entire life. His smile is contagious!

One of the best things about Corgis is that they are natural off-leash walkers and that skill comes in handy when I've got Little Miss Pull with me!

Added to their natural off-leash walking abilities, Corgis are also natural pranksters. Case in point: Their idea of a game of hide-and-go-seek involves hiding until they are good and ready to be found! Very funny, guys!  

Another fun thing about Corgis is their natural ability to dive right in   

and swim with the fish and a coonhound and a turtle or two!

And when it's time to go home Corgis naturally know how to find their way

back to the car and back home to wait for another fun adventure with their pet sitter!


  1. I bet they are the very best hide and seekers around!

  2. Awww, I love Corgis! That last picture... adorable. Simply, adorable.

    I actually did a whole tribute to Corgis a little while ago... will share in case you might enjoy it:

    Hope you have a fantastic week!

  3. mum loves their chubbu bodies and nugger feet--like a cute pillow~! :)


  4. I have thought often of a Corgi but the shedding threw me off. Do they shed more than Borders?

  5. i love corgi's! they are so cute and laways look happy. they are popular in agility. they have very soft fur and have cute little fluffy pants. we have a corgi / pom mix and she has the best of both breeds! she has a tiny corgi face and their broad chest. have fun with your guests!

  6. They look so sweet and adorable! It looks like you had a wonderful walk!

  7. Yep, mom has told me.. that if she didn't Love Dachshunds soooo much.. She would have a Welch Corgie.

  8. I had several in my sheep herding class and can attest to their herding abilities as well!

  9. I love Rian and George's smiley faces!! Awwww!! They're so adventurous for such little doggies!!

    Take care

  10. OH my! they are so cute! What well behaved and smart dogs!

  11. What great dogs! Mommy always loved Corgi's! Thanks for all the info on them! They sound like smart and fun furiends!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  12. Certainly looks like a great day to me!


  13. Rian and George are the funniest dogs I've ever met in my life and I have a funny feeling they are humans in dog's bodies if you ask me! I look forward to every visit with them and I enjoy every minute with these silly dogs!

  14. They are the best human's in dog suit's ever! We love them like they are little kids!


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