Friday, August 13, 2010

Pre-Bachelor Pawty News and Nods Part 2!!!

Woof! Woof! It's me, Daisy, and I have a confession to make! According to my dad, I have a bit of a drinking problem and he insists I get pawfessional help (if you know what I mean) as soon as we get home! My dad says I drank everyone under the table but ...... 
I will let you be the judge...I mean, do I look like I'm under the table to you? And, I couldn't have had THAT MANY beers, could I? I think my dad planted those beer cans on the table to make me look bad in front of my sweetie, Grover, don't you? Grover and I haven't even started dating yet and here's my dad trying to ruin things! Grrrr! Maybe he's trying to keep me from heading down the aisle or somethin'!

Speaking of heading down the aisle, I overheard Frankie telling Taz that his paws are starting to get cold! That was the craziest thing I ever heard in my life beclaws it was soooo  H-O-T outside that my mouth was getting dry (another good reason to keep drinking those beers)! BOL!

And speaking of beers, my man Bailey had to take a sobriety test right before he left the tavern! Can you imagine? As you can see, he could walk in a straight line without teetering so he was good to go!

And speaking of teetering, I was surprised Indy could stand up at all and I'm not going to tell you how many beers he had....You know, it's a MAN CODE thing and since I'm in a man's world, I've gotta follow the rules!

And speaking of being in a man's world, I really thought Remi was quite the man and I don't think I'll be albe to keep my paws off him *wink*wink during the Chicago Bears game at 9:00 tonight!!! 

PeeeS.....Don't furget to check out what Pip has to say about the Ball & Chain Pawty too!


  1. Oh no, Daisy you don't have a drinking problem! You are just letting your fur down after the long drive. If you would like me to put in a good word with Remi, just let me know! I am a regular matchmaker and since you are the only lady here, I think you will have your pick (with the exception of Frankie and me since we are both spoken for)

    Your pal, Pip

  2. You don't look under the table at all!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    Indy and Shingo
    The Fiesty Three

  3. It looks like you all are having great fun up in the windy city! Just don't get blown away!


  4. You are just having a little fun.:)

    Teddy Bear

  5. We are having soooo much fun, Daisy and Dad!!!

    I got extra peanuts stashed fur da baseball game........

    Say....have you seens Frankie lately???? Last time I sees him, he was in line in fronts of me at da TREE...butt I ain't seen him since???

    I be listening for his burping.......Oh Frankie........


  6. Daisy Oh my sweeeeet furrrrnd SOB SOB SNIFF WHIMPER You are just the HIC HIC bestest WHINE SOB furend to let me lay under here and BURRRRP have a nap. HIC Why are you spinning in sircles??? BURRRRP squze me. hic HIC I gotta take a nap.

  7. HI DAISY! I LUVS YOU! I MEAN, I REALLY LUVS YOU! What a most wonderful, sweet, generous thing you're doing for (hic) Frankie! I just wanna gives you a hug. C' me a big ol' hug!

    And I don't know what your dad is talking about. I know the difference between underneath and overneath and you are most definitely overneath!

    Heehee! Okay, I gots to gets back to my girls! Puddles! Stop dancing on the table without me!

  8. Psssssst Mr. Daisy Psssst down here ... under the chair. Oh Mr. Daisy you gots the sweeetest girrrrl. It was soooo nice of her to ask you to helps her BURRRRRP oooops sssquze me Sir wif my pawty. Do you fink you coulds help me get over dare to dat tree? Last time I tried HIC OOOPs I fink I peed on the BEERSTENDER guys leg.
    I'm not drrrinkin any more Beers BURRRRP squze me today. Pssssss one more fing Mr. Daisy. You got one of HIC HIC dose SELL FONES I can use BELLLLCH OOOPS SORRY bout dat after we go pee??????

  9. I thinks Frankie need another cocktail.... ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  10. O Boy do I know about the drinkin problems.

    My brother, the Bleu, he has one. First, he so loves The Miracle Waters that he slops most of the regular water on the floors lookin for it.

    Other fing about the Bleu is that he don't drink often but he drink lot. He fill hump when he do! Just sayin.

  11. Woooooowho...I be's so silly. Is dis Daisy's blog? Oh ya'll don't go mess withs my head. I know dis where I suppose to be's..or well visiting.
    Okays, I go find me a baffroom.


  12. Shiloh here - Hey Daisy - u iz lookin'just fine tu me. U ain't under no table - u iz sittin'rite there in that chair. We'all iz just havin'a good time - nuthin'to worry 'bout.

  13. Me can't find E.T. he's suppose to leaves a trail of reese's pieces in head cases he's gets losts..

    or was it's suppose to be in case me's gets lost!

    Were is me drink. burps

  14. Awwww you doggies sure know how to PART-TAY!!!!


    Take care

  15. What a great pawty!!! Under the table - nah, we have a long way to go.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Daisy, I am pretty sure your Daddy is responsible for all the beer cans at your table. This Party is so much FUN!!!!! ~Fenris

  17. I wondered why E.T. left candy on the floor....

  18. Have fun, but drink responsibly! We hope you have a designated driver.

  19. Oh my!! Our lips are sealed
    Benny & Lily


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