Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pre-Bachelor Pawty News and Nods Part 3!!!

After I drinking everyone under the table at the Bad Dog Tavern I headed over to Ruby and Penny's Bachelorette Pawty and then I rushed back to Wrigley Field to root for Pip's home team...the White Sox! To be honest, I paid more attention to boy-crushes, Grover and Remi, than the game (hee-hee) butt I confess that I couldn't keep my eyes off ......

Dude because I like a guy who keeps his head in the game and.....

or Hootie because he is always well groomed and .....

Mack because his Texan accent makes me swoon! Oh my!

Oh, and how could I furget to mention Dugan? Isn't he handsome? Better keep your paws off, ladies! I saw him furst! Hee-Hee!

And Frankie is a real catch butt he can't play the field anymore because his heart belongs to Ruby and Penny! I wonder who thinks I'm a real catch? *sigh*


  1. Daisy - hope you all made it back to the hotel last night! We are working on a plan to get out of here. Keep the party going until we get back!

    Your jailbird pal, Pip

  2. I am STILL mad at Minna Krebs for telling me da bachelor baseball game pawty was at da Chicago White Sox game! Cuz I wents to da Wrigley Field to see da Chicago Cubs play!

    That Minna is a real dorkie! Oh wells, I am a baseball lovin' kinda I enjoyed da game anyways.

    Dude (Minna's Brudder)

    PeeS.....Miss Daisy, you must have been too busy looking at all da handsome boy dawgs to notice.............butts you are at da wrong baseball stadium too!!! HeeHee Bwahahahahha!

    Good Times!

  3. Hello's in 'ders!! My brothers Anakins is in 'da clinks!!!


  4. Hi there :)thanks for visiting my blog. I'm still new at all this so I'm just kinda feeling my way around. Hopefully one day my blog will look as cool as yours. Imma join your facebook too. My facebook page is I need to figure out how to put my facebook like button on my blog page like you did. I need to learn a lot of things...bol. Anyway, nice to meet you :)

    the 3 Goobers of

  5. Oh, yeah, they look all innocent, but we saw what went on last night on Pip's blog!
    The Road Dogs

  6. Oh my word!! BOL...Mack what did you do?
    Benny & Lily

  7. I'm sure somebody thinks you're a catch, Daisy!


  8. Woo-hooo!! Such temptations with these handsome doggies!! Well done you for keeping your paws to yourself! LOL!

    Take care

  9. Daisy your dad is gonna Kill me for gettin' in all this trouble. I'm really sorry that I ended up in the Pokey.. SLAMMER, POUND, BIG HOUSE.
    Now everybuddy will be havin fun without me. You go ahead and Keep the PAWTY ROLLIN' Maybe your dad won't notice that Pip and Anakin and I are... missing. My head feels like a gorilla is playing basketball with it.

  10. Hey Daisy, you might need to talk to your dad...since he be's a realtor and alll...Frankie might be looking furs a new house...a DOGHOUSE...hehehehe!


  11. Daisy, Puddles might be right about that! BOL! I am sure there's a whole team of boys out there who think you're a catch!!


  12. Perhaps you have not hear MY TEXAS ACCENT???

    I can tell you have not, on a counta you are still on your feet...

    Heh heh. Just flirtin. Just sayin.

    wif love from the Luke

  13. Daisy, I don't remember very much (at all) about the Pawty... except that all the guys kept barkin about how pretty you are and how they were gonna ask you out and stuffs like that. I hope your dad and mom aren't too upset about that. I think they should be PROUD of what a beautiful and popular girrrl they raised.
    Do I owe your dad any green papers for the long distance (to Puddle's castle)cell phone call?
    For O N C E Puddles is totally right... I'm pretty much IN THE DAWG HOUSE.

  14. This is the bestest pawty ever! BOW WOW!


  15. We`re sure you`re quite a catch Daisy!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  16. You really like my accent????


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