Monday, February 22, 2010

Shadow Visits Manchester's Secret Dog "Park"

When I am asked to take care of Shadow while her parents are on vacation I am thrilled because she is a happy, well-behaved dalmatian mix who knows how to make her pet sitter feel welcome during every visit. 

Her enthusiasm is contagious from the very moment that we step outside her door; she starts the walk with a few crazy bounces and then she trots along at a pace that I thought was reserved for a puppy. It's hard to believe that she is 10 years old especially when she's tugging me along to get a whiff of some unsavory scent beneath her feet.

Shadow definitely loves her walks which is why I often reward her with a car ride down the hill from her house to her favorite trail that begins at the corner of Wellington Hill Road and Edward J. Roy Drive or from the parking lot directly behind Dartmouth Hitchcock at 100 Hitchcock Way

If you are looking for an alternative from the heavily populated parks in the area, you and your dog(s) will enjoy spending time here. Dog bag dispensers are conveniently located on the trail and further up you will find a huge field for dogs who love running and playing off-leash.

If you haven't visited this "park" already, please take your dog(s) there and have fun!

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