Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Working Dog is a Happy Dog


My name is Jesse, a 5 year old female foxhound mix, and I was so thrilled that April asked me to be a guest writer for her blog because it gives me the opportunity to tell you how busy I’ve been for the last 3 years! At first I was just going on walks, but once she noticed how well-behaved I was, she thought I was ready to work for her so she hired me to be a co-pilot, a doggy therapist, and a cheerer-upper at Villa Crest Nursing Home. It’s so much fun that I have to tell you a little bit about each job! 
First of all, I love all of my jobs but I think the best job is being a co-pilot; I’m a natural at it because I am very good with directions and know exactly when we are getting close to our destination and as we get closer, I alert April by whining, barking, and whistling. It seems to do the job because she’ll park at the right house and then she’ll have a friend for me to walk with! I have so many friends, it’s ridiculous! The next job is a tough one because as a doggy therapist, I have to figure out how to help a shy dogs feel more comfortable and I do that by trusting my instincts and pretty soon they are walking beside me, happy and relaxed! Another fun job is visiting the elderly at Villa Crest. Upon my arrival, I announce my presence by singing my special, “Woo-Woo-Woo!” song which is always a big hit with everyone that I just have to sing it again and again until April tells me to stop! After that I walk down the halls until I find someone who wants to pet me and I stay very still and quiet because I don’t want to frighten anyone, especially since some of the residents are so frail. I especially love to go downstairs to visit the Alzheimer patients because they say the funniest things like, “Is that a cat or a dog?” or “Is that a beagle?”, and I always make sure I visit during their lunch time because they give me pieces of their roast beef or chicken. I must say that I am so thankful to have not one, but three jobs, especially since so many humans have been complaining about the economy, right?
Well, it sure has been such an honor to be the very first guest writer for The Teacher’s Pets and I hope you enjoyed reading about me! Please tell me what you thought about my story…I love mail and I promise I will write back!



  1. Love reading this story, April. Andrena

  2. Thank you! I love writing about "my" extra special doggy clients! Who am I kidding? I love to write about all of the pets, including cats, etc.


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