Friday, February 26, 2010

Buster Joins the Family

While shopping at the Animal Hospital of Pensacola in 2002, I intended to buy a bag of cat food for Henry and go home directly afterwards but as I stood at the counter to make a payment I noticed a cage full of adoptable kittens and I just had to take a closer look. I have no idea how long I gazed at those tiny creatures but it was long enough for Buster to start the interview process. He instinctively knew that he only had a few seconds to impress me and he certainly did his best by marching up to the front of the cage to offer his head for scratching, his paw for a “handshake”, and a desperate meow for me to get him out of there permanently.

I didn’t take Buster home immediately because I had a lot of thinking to do because at the time I was living in a tiny, doll-house sized studio apartment and I wondered how he would enjoy living in such cramped conditions. I needed to consider Henry's feelings since he would be the one who would be stuck with while I was at work. After Henry admitted he needed a kitty companion in his life, I decided to go back to the animal hospital to bring home where he belonged!

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