Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daisy, Our Glamour Girl

Photo Fun
Dumpr - Photo Fun

This is Daisy, our glamorous treeing walker coonhound, a North Carolina native who was so startled by gun shots while out coon hunting with her sister that she failed to get back into her owner's truck and was left to fend for herself in the woods. Soon after that, Daisy lived at a puppy mill until she was saved from being gassed by New England rescue organization who adopted her out to a seemingly perfect couple in Boston, but they did not have enough time to train her so they gave her back to the rescue organization in the hopes she would find a home through them. Luckily, a young couple in Vermont took pity on her and fostered Daisy for 3 months until she found her permanent home with us on May 30, 2009. We loved her from the moment we saw those beautiful almond eyes staring at us from our computer screen and we cannot imagine our lives without her!


  1. Daisy is gorgeous! Thanks for the follow on your webpage... I'll add you guys later ... wish you lived closer we could do with a pet sitter for Gary!


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