Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Imagine: Shelter Life Through the Eyes of a Dog

Imagine if this was your view. Day in and day out people would come by and stand in front of your cage and stare at you. They would tell you to sshhh if you barked. They would laugh if you ran around frantically. Some would cry if you looked sad. Imagine people reading the info on your cage and just moving on. Imagine being on display like furniture in a storefront. Can you imagine?
Dogs that are in a shelter cage can feel scared and vulnerable. They often times are anxious and depressed. When looking for a forever family member please take all of this into consideration. Spend time with the dogs outside of their cages. Choose based on your time together...not on what you see through those bars. Shelter life is not real life. Cages can make the gentlest soul appear "crazy" or "aggressive" simply because he is scared.
When visiting a shelter or a pound please be aware of the broken hearts in those cages. Show them respect. If a particular dog acts up when you are in front of his cage please move on. He doesn't want to be on display and has nowhere to hide. Teach your children not to taunt the dogs by running or jumping around. This always leads to more chaos and stress for all.
Shelter dogs had families at one time just like you and I. Each of them has had their lives turned upside down through no fault of their own. Imagine being let down by humans over and over.
Put yourself in their place. Try to imagine

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