Thursday, March 14, 2019

Barnabas, Chestnut, and Nori's 9 Day Vacation

I apologize for the delay in updating you about my pet sitting adventures but a threesome of pets have been keeping me busy for the past seven days so I hope you can forgive me! 

This trio (who live together) are curious and sweet Barnabas (above) who loves to check out his sister Chestnut's crate while 

  she roams throughout the home waiting for me to pet her and for the chance to 

get some of her energy out! If you're thinking that she is the largest rabbit you've ever seen (she's about 2-3 x the size of an adult rabbit) you are not alone! She is an angora rabbit whose fur is brushed regularly by her dad to give him the opportunity to make scarves, gloves, blankets, and sweaters! 

Next up is Nori, a Shiba Inu, who has a sweet, quiet, and inquisitive temperament who loves

her walks more than anything in the world especially when my Daisy comes along for companionship! 

We only have two more days together which equals seven more visits at an hour each and I'm already feeling sad that our time will come to a close but I know Barnabas, Chestnut, and Nori miss their dad dearly! I'm sure we will see each other again during their next vacation! 

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