Thursday, January 10, 2019

Looking Back on Daisy's Visit With Santa

Since I'm still catching up on posting about my Christmas activities due to the busyness of the season I thought I'd share how Daisy enjoyed going to Aubuchon Hardware in Dover to see Santa! The photography session was absolutely free which was a wonderful gesture!

 Visiting Aubuchon is nothing new to Daisy as we visit there on a regular basis so I was certain seeing Santa there would be an easy transition and I was right except that Daisy wouldn't stand by him without being coaxed by treats!

 After Daisy curiously took treats from a very kind stranger she was ready to have a final pat before she walked out the door to see more holiday sights! 

I aPAWlogize for the delayed update about Daisy's holiday adventures but my wonderful pet sitting clients kept me too busy to sit for a few minutes to write to you! 

I'm all caught up on the updates so please stay tuned for up-to-the-minute blog posts of my pet sitting adventures!

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