Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Special Cat Named Ziggy

Ziggy was a very special cat and I doubt we'll ever meet another cat quite like him. Yes, we love all of our cat clients but Ziggy holds a special place our hearts because he was our first Teacher's Pet Sitting client and he was also a true friend. When Ziggy passed away in June 2009 all who loved him were devastated. Sure, he was an old man with health problems but we wanted him to stay with us forever.  

To keep Ziggy's memory alive I decided to devote a blog entry to him in the form of an interview with his owner, Janice.

April: How did you and Ziggy first meet?

Janice:  A tenant gave him to us in May 1995 so he could adopt a dog. I was surprised he didn't wait to see how Ziggy would react around the dog before giving him to us. 

April: Tell me about some of Ziggy's favorite things.

Janice: 1. His stuffed trout toy 2. Drinking water out of the hose 3. Roaming & lounging in his yard 4. Sleeping on my chest (left side only) 5. Sleeping in his rocking chair 6. Chasing the flying feather 7. Eating

April: Please share some of your favorite memories about Ziggy.

Janice: 1.Watching him come running we called his name 2.Seeing him at the door when we came home from a trip 3.Watching him sleep on the picnic table in the summer. 4. After he died, a large orange & white cat showed up and sat on the deck looking at us. It was as if he was telling us that Zig was okay.

April: I forgot about the appearance of Ziggy's look-a-like! Ziggy was such a unique cat and to think that he sent another cat to comfort you after he died is remarkable. 

Janice: He died on June 24, 2009. I still think of him everyday. He was the BEST!

April: He certainly was the best and we miss him so much!
April: I think of Ziggy often too, Janice, and I will miss him forever!


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