Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Meet 13 Kitties Who Kept Me Busy This Christmas!

Can you imagine leaving your cats in your home in the care of a professional pet sitter during the Christmas holidays and then let out a sigh of relief each time your sitter sends a picture update such as the one of dear Rondo (above) to let you know that everything is okay? Well, that is exactly what I did for all of my clients for the past several days and it was a rewarding experience to say the least! 

After sending pictures of Rondo to mom I sent pictures of his brother Pierce who loved to wait patiently for me to scratch his head! 

And then I was off to visit Hoshi and his 3 siblings:
                                                            Jingle Bell,


                                                                  and Oreo

And then there was Pred Kitty who was affectionately nicknamed after the medication, prednisone!

Next up was Abby who loved watching me from afar,

and then there was the dynamic duo --- siblings Bucky (the light color fellow) and Louis

and then I had the pleasure of being supervised by Caroline,

 and, last but not least, I enjoyed the company of kitten siblings, Music,

                                                                  and Dilly!

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