Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Why Del Prefers Visits In-Home Visits Rather Than Boarding

Before I began taking care of Del he stayed at a boarding facility where he began to show signs of stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth due to harmful bacterial plaque on the teeth) that went unnoticed for days until someone on the staff stepped up and alerted the vet on call. 

It goes without saying that the expense (as well as the stress) to bring Del back to health was enormous (he had to have several teeth extracted, for example) but ever since I started caring for him in his home his mom has been able to relax because I've been sending her updates twice-a-day for the past eight days! As you can see, this arrangement has worked wonders for him as well!

Even though he misses his mom he enjoys sleeping on HIS furniture and eating from HIS plate and that alone cannot be replicated at a boarding facility! 

Many cat owners do not realize that cats have a much more difficult time adjusting to unfamiliar territory than dogs do so it is in the best interests of your cat to consider in-home care so that he or she can relax with a responsible pet sitter who will cater their needs. 

If you live in the Dover, New Hampshire, area please give Teacher's Pet Sitting Service a call! If you live outside of my area try this website to help you find a professional in-home pet sitter for your cat(s)!

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