Friday, June 23, 2017

7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Cats Cool This Summer

Have you noticed that your cat has been grooming himself more frequently this summer than he does during the cooler months? This is because adding moisture to his fur naturally cools him down but there are seven other things you could do to make him feel even more comfortable:

1) Buy a Fan

Get a small box fan and set it on the floor near your air conditioner or an open window. For extra cooling power during extremely hot summer days place frozen water bottles in front of the fan.

2) Create Homemade Air-Conditioning

Fill a small soda bottle with cold water and leave it in the freezer overnight. In the morning wrap the bottle in a towel and put it in your cat’s favorite lounging spot. Avoid filling the bottle to the top because water expands when it freezes and you could have a mess on your hands!

3) Give Your Cat a Haircut

If your cat has long fur consider getting her a lion cut but be careful not to give this cut to light-colored cats because they could be subject to a sunburn.

4) Limit or Avoid Outdoor Time

When I had my cat, Henry, I only let him outdoors, supervised, on a harness when the heat was not at its peak (before 11:00 in the morning and after 3:00 in the afternoon) but the best idea is to keep your cats indoors during the entire summer.

5) Close Your Curtains

Close the curtains or blinds in your south- or west-facing windows.

6) Avoid Car Rides

I don't know who besides myself with Henry takes their cat on joy rides but if you do never leave him in the car unattended! A closed car can reach temperatures well over 100 degrees in a frighteningly short time.

7) Use Ice Cubes 

Drop a handful of cubes into your kitty’s water bowl. Besides the cooling effect of ice cubes they'll also be fun for your cat to play with!

Please remember that if your cat starts panting, drooling, or seems to be losing consciousness get to your vet or the nearest emergency clinic right away. These are symptoms of heatstroke could lead to kidney damage, heart dysfunction, or other potentially fatal problems.

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