Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Today Is Daisy's 9th Birthday!

As everyone knows, I'm overjoyed to have my BFF, Daisy, in my life but even more so today because this is her 9th birthday! 

I chose to feature the above picture because it was taken a few weeks after her adoption when she finally started to feel comfortable in her new surroundings. The other reason why I love this picture is because those adorable ears look even better because the wind made it look like she took a few moments to curl them to resemble a Carol Brady hairstyle.


When I took her home in 2009 my plan was to give her a full life with daily opportunities to receive ample exercise and meet new friends while walking with my Teacher's Pet Sitting Service clients (shown here in 2009 with her first friend, Sophie) and she has been reaping the benefits ever since! 

Daisy has been enjoying life to the fullest with romps at the lake,

visits to the bank to get milkbones, 

Christmas shopping at Nicole's Hallmark, 

    water breaks at Adelle's  Coffeehouse

and strolls on the beach and so many more memories that would make this post go on and on! 

Today I am going to treat her to an extra special day full of all of the things she loves best! 


  1. Happy Birthday Daisy! Make sure mom gets you a nice big doggy sundae!

  2. Happy Birthday Daisy!! Have a fun day
    Lily & Edward


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