Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daisy And Her Friends Support the Dogs Against Romney Campaign!

 I am not a politics kind of dog. I am a playing and romping and barking and blogging about fun stuff kind of dog but when my mom told me a story this week about a man named Mitt Romney who is running for president of the United States I got barking mad. 

 My mom told me Mr. Romney made his Irish Setter, Seamus, ride in a crate on top of the family car on a twelve hour trip to Canada. To make things clear to his family that he didn't like the car ride, Seamus made the windows very unclear, if you know what I mean, but Seamus still keep on riding on top of the car, scared to death. 

What kind of man makes his dog ride OUTSIDE of the family car, anyway? And what kind of voter would think twice about voting for a man who can't make room for his dog INSIDE the family car? If you ask me, if Mitt can't make a simple decision about where he should put his dog when he goes on family trips then how do you think he will do as the top decision maker for the United States? 

For me, he lost my vote (and I can't even vote) because I believe dogs are meant to ride INSIDE the car and here are some of my friends who agree that Mitt was just plain mean to Seamus:

First up is Fred the Wheaten Terrier, and then

Joey the Italian Greyhound, and then

Jesse the Foxhound Mix, and then

Sophie the Basset/Beagle Mix, and

Duke the Schnauzer Mix, and finally,

Fenway the Pug! 

I could go on and on showing you a lot more of my friends who ride INSIDE of their family's cars but I think you get the point. 

Mitt is mean. I know all of my dog friends can't vote but you can get your humans to do it for you! Just visit the Dogs Against Romney website and the Dogs Against Romney Facebook page and get right to work!


And, don't FURget that my feline friends voice their opinion by joining the  Cats In Solidarity With Dogs Against Mitt Romney Facebook page! 

That's right, my friends, my twelve year old kitty brother, Henry, rides inside too! Yup, my mom thinks dogs AND cats should ride IN the car with her instead of inside a crate on top of the car. She's cool like that, you know. 

So, my question is.....are you going to tell the world that you are proud to ride inside the car? Are you going to bark the news about Dogs Against Romney and about Cats In Solidarity With Dogs Against Mitt Romney? I hope you do! 




  1. All I can say is that I (Frankie Furter) am glad that I have the peeps that I have.

  2. Poor poor Seamus! He must have been so frightened!

    Take care

  3. I agree Frankie! We are lucky we have nice owners who let us ride IN car! All this time I thought it was normal to ride in the car but then my mom broke the news about Seamus to me.
    Yes, Old Kitty, Seamus must've been so scared!

  4. I took over my Moms fb pg and like the human sisters cat Moo is standing up with us! My Mom said she thinks Seamus ran away when they got to Canada, Good for him!!! I always ride inside with my vest seat belt on..Isabella!

  5. Nice to see you guys!!! Oh boy, I don't like cars for any reason. Whenever I go in a car it always ends up some place I don't want to be!!!

  6. The minute the info got out
    Bout your dog's car ride on the roof
    It's my pleasure to inform you, Mitt
    Your presidential aspirations went "POOFFF"

  7. That's what I thought as soon as my mom told me what Mitt Romney did to his poor dog! Poof! Thanks for reading my blog post, Joke Puppy! I am your newest blog follower!
    XOXO - Daisy

  8. That is dispicable!
    Poor Seamus must have been terrified.
    If I lived in US, he would have lost my vote for sure!
    Hope he doesn't stand a chance at being president.
    Lynne x

  9. This is crazy! Who does that??? Alex doesn't like car rides, but....

  10. Wow, what a rotten thing to do to a sweet family pet! Pthtthttth to him fur sure and no votes in my household. Thanks for getting the bark out!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


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