Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hip! Hip! Hooray! I Made It To My 1,500th Blog Post!

A few days ago Blogger announced that I reached my 1,500th post and I was amazed because in order to accomplish this one has to commit to write without distraction for at least a half hour (and often more) a day all while balancing my roles as a professional pet sitter and teacher and for that I'm proud to see these fireworks head up this post!

It's hard to imagine that communication was possible, let alone convenient, without Facebook several years ago but it happened for my business, Teacher's Pet Sitting Service, in the form of this blog as a way to introduce my clients to other clients and it has been a rewarding and fun experience

Once the news spread that my clients' beloved pets were featured on my blog my audience increased to the point where I had little time to respond to comments! 


As I look back on my first year, 2010, of blogging and as a professional pet sitter I fondly remember my first kitty client, Ziggy, who loved to drink from the garden hose and roam in the back yard while I watered the flowers

and I couldn't forget my golden retriever siblings, Molly and Cooper, who shared countless silly and precious memories with me on a weekly basis!

Nor could I forget that big moment when my former pet sitting partner, Amos, and I were photographed for a soon-to-be published article advertising our business in the Hippo Press!

Of course there are too many memories of my first year of pet sitting all the way to the present to highlight in one blog post but you are welcome to browse through the pages anytime! 

I appreciate you for reading about my pet sitting and personal stories throughout the years because without your love and interest I wouldn't be at the BIG 1,500th post today!


  1. That's amazing. Being a blogger myself, I can appreciate how much work it took to reach your 1,500th blog post. Bravo!

  2. Congratulations and keep going.

  3. Congratulations to you and hope you keep going!


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