Thursday, February 9, 2017

Four Dogs Who Weakened My Knees This Weekend


  The dogs you are about to view may make you feel weak, dizzy, lightheaded, and happy all at the same time so please proceed with the utmost of caution. Are you ready for the show?

From the time I walked into Diesel's house I was in love. In love with his huge paws, his wrinkly face, and his mismatched ears! Isn't he just a love?

When there's one adorable dog in the house there's bound to be another and here she is! Take a look at Diesel's sister, Coco, a two year old Boxer mix who has the most imploring eyes I've ever seen in my life! She really knew how to use those eyes to her advantage to get what she wanted from her pet sitter!

The third dog who had me shrieking in delight was Lola, a miniature poodle, who not only posed for pictures but also pranced, danced, and wiggled with excitement at each visit! She is the belle of the neighborhood; everyone knows her and greets her with an assortment of compliments as she walks down the street. I can certainly understand why Lola has captured everyone's attention, can't you?

The fourth cutie to take my breath away was Sheepie, Lola's long-haired chihuahua brother. I am sorry for the poor photo quality but Sheepie was camera-shy. 

Sheepie was hearing impaired from the moment he was born so he is a bit more cautious with strangers than usual. Still, Sheepie is extremely adorable, don't you agree?

So there you have it! These are the adorable dogs who weakened my knees this weekend!

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  1. Oh my dawg!! Could we steal every buddy but of course cousin Diesel
    Lily & Edward


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