Friday, June 3, 2016

If Asphalt is Too Hot for You, It's Too Hot for Dogs!

Have you ever watched dogs refuse to walk during hot days and then plop down on the ground for a rest? Many rush to give their dogs water when this happens (and rightly so) but the other concern is that their paws may
be burned. The signs that a dog has burned pads are limping, refusing to walk, darker than usual pads, blisters, redness, missing parts of the pad, or licking and chewing the foot.
If you are still sure if the pavement is too hot press your bare hands or feet on sunny pavement for at least 7-8 seconds to assess heat level. If it is uncomfortable for you, then it is too hot for your dog.

Remember that the air temperature is NOT an accurate reflection of ground temperature at all! Asphalt and other ground surfaces retain heat and this temperature rises exponentially as heat and sun exposure continues. See the above image for temperature correlations.

If your dog experiences any of these symptoms immediately flush the injured paw with cool water and take him to the veterinarian who will then determine if he needs antibiotics and/or pain medication.

To avoid the dangers of asphalt please walk your dog in shady spots, on the grass, dirt, or gravel. 

Please be mindful of the effect of heat on your dog's paws and please pass this post along to anyone who could use a reminder! Thank you!

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