Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Daisy Turned 8 Yesterday and I'm In the Doghouse!


 I have a confession to make. I was so busy yesterday that I completely forgot that it was Daisy's unofficial 8th birthday! I say that it's unofficial because her date of birth wasn't on her paperwork so I decided that she was a one year old the day I brought her home. I've also been telling people that she's 8 years old for a year now so I'm really in the doghouse, aren't I?

As I looked back at the following post from June 4, 2010, I was reminded that I could make up for lost time by arranging a belated birthday bash at the local dog park BUT this time the list of friends will fill up several sheets of paper AND I'd probably need a helping hand to get it all organized!

Please enjoy the following old post:

While Daisy got scrubbed and polished last night she was thinking of one thing only...

                                                 her birthday party!

She just couldn't stop thinking about her guest list

and she wondered if they would like the party favors (handmade collars and treats) that she prepared for them.

She also wondered if her dog park pals would  like these handmade shrinky dink charms and

if her party dress would be a big hit with the boys!

But most of all, she wondered how it would feel to be treated like a

a TWO YEAR OLD princess!

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