Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ten Days With Daisy, Buster, and Dinah Was Doggone Purrfect!

Yesterday marked the tenth and final day of taking care of Daisy (the pup with the cute little white bib) and Buster which means that they relaxed, 


napped with my dog, Daisy, 

and, of course, ate breakfast and dinner together 27 times for thirty minutes or even longer each day!


When the pups got settled in after their walks we could always count on their sweet and very beautiful sister, Dinah, to check in on us and 

Daisy was particularly excited to have frequent staring contests with her!

When owners are on vacation I often feel like their pets are my own and I begin to spoil them with special treats so these pups were thrilled to feast on Mini Busy Bones and 

Daisy was too! 

If you live in Dover, New Hampshire, and surrounding towns and would like your pets to have the luxury of having me come to their home rather than stay in an unfamiliar daycare facility, please contact me! I'd be happy to spoil them just like I did with Daisy, Buster, and Dinah

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