Saturday, April 2, 2016

My New Friend, Molly the Bull Terrier, Loves to Monkey Around!

When Molly's dad requested that I visit her last weekend he informed me that her previous name was Monkey and from the moment I met her I could see why her name suited her! She is just as wiggly, silly, and curious as every monkey I've had the pleasure to meet. I laughed every time I visited her because her smile and love of life was a pleasure to be around!

She thrives on getting everyone's attention and will use the sidewalk as a stage and start performing by hopping, rubbing against your leg, and, lastly, by rolling onto her back until she gets what she wants: a belly rub. Believe me, my allotted thirty to forty minute walk turned into an hour and fifteen minutes on the first visit!

For a girl who was given up for adoption at age four and then moved into a new home only a few months ago I'd say she has a PAWsitive attitude. Nothing seems to bother her at all and her sunny personality shines through with every step she takes! 

It was no surprise that Daisy loved spending time with Molly as much as I did so we are looking forward to visiting her for a long stretch of time while her dad is in London! 

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