Friday, February 19, 2016

What I Learned About Savannah and Bengal Cats

What a treat it was to pay a visit to Carrie (the Savannah kitten who is front and center in the picture above, and her older Bengal sister, Joy) last week! 
While spending the week with these beauties I fantasized about adopting an exotic cat but once I learned that Bengals cost between $400 to $700 and Savannahs range in price from $1,000 to $22,000 I quickly changed my mind!


Of the many reasons why I loved spending time with these beautiful creatures was because they are intelligent, curious, and agile! Joy, for exampleloved to play fetch for long stretches at a time. In the picture above she is watching us throw a ball and seems to be working out a game plan to retrieve it. 

Joy also loves to open doors, cupboards, and windows and because of that her owner had to install child safety locks to stop her from getting into anything that would cause her harm.  

Carrie has dog-like characteristics just like her "sister" does and will come when we called to play a game of fetch and she is very comfortable walking on-leash!

Another great thing about Savannah and Bengal cats is that they are capable of feeding themselves by turning the wheel of a gumball machine!

Another astounding thing about Bengal and Savannah cats is that they are naturals at learning how to use the toilet as a litter box! Can you imagine walking into your bathroom to see your cat on your toilet seat?

As a professional pet sitter of over ten years I feel privileged to get to know so many interesting pets and these girls are no exception!


  1. Interesting. Those kitties are one of moms favorites
    Lily & Edward

  2. That's amazing! I don't know anything about these cats (or cats in general, for that matter) but that is really cool.

    Can they flush the toilet after use too?

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