Saturday, November 28, 2015

Three Reasons Why I Love Little Maisey

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with my Westipoo friend, Maisey, who, in my opinion, resembles a raccoon because she is similar in size and shape, and

she also wears a black mask rather well! However, when she settles on the couch with me she reminds me of a cat because she prefers to lie on my shoulder and neck rather than lie next to me as most dogs do.

And if these two qualities aren't cute enough, Maisey also proved to be a good friend because on the first night she met Daisy she didn't mind that she took an instant liking to her 

tiny bed!

Because of this cuteness overload you can well imagine that Daisy and I are looking forward to seeing Maisey again! Can you blame us? 

If you have been thinking about hiring a pet sitter rather than sending your furry companion to a kennel please contact me! Any client who lives in Dover and surrounding towns are more than welcome to join the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service family! 


  1. That's our girl ! We are so happy that Maisey has found a new friend in Daisy! Thank you, April, for taking the time to introduce them. It makes us happy to know that Maisey is taken care of so well whilst we are away. During this time of year we are thankful for your impeccable service. Until we meet again, Maisey sends her warmest regards :)

    1. Chris,
      I am so thankful that you and your wife hired me to take care of Maisey because she is precious and so easy to love! It was my pleasure to make sure she was content while you were away! I look forward to taking care of her again soon!


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