Friday, September 11, 2015

4 Reasons Why I Will Not Accommodate Requests for Cat Visits on an Every Other Day Basis

Harold looks forward to "helping" me write notes about his visits for his mom to read.
Occasionally, a prospective pet-sitting client will request that I visit their cat every other day, every third, or fourth day because their cat is healthy, independent, and unsociable. My response is that although their reasons are viable the chance of their feline becoming lonely and stressed are very high and that is why my policy does not allow for anything other than every day visits. 

I'm not sure if I'm the only cat sitter who has the every day visit policy but my reasoning for this is as follows:

Even timid cats such as Newman felt better knowing I would look under the bed to say hello to him.

1) Regardless of your cat’s independence, they are used to having you around. When you go days without spending time with them their happiness and health are affected. While a friendly pet sitter is no substitute for their loving owner having someone around to nurture and play with them is a huge comfort.
As soon as I scoop out Norman's litter he has to inspect it.
2) Even though some cat owners swear that their companions will be fine if their litter box is left unattended for a long duration cats always disagree and will react by having accidents throughout the house. Every cat I've ever taken care of likes to have their litter box cleaned right after use so just imagine how they feel when their box is scooped every other, every third, or every fourth day!
Shy Sebastian never missed a minute of me scooping his litter box and filling his food and water bowls to the brim.
3) Another reason why I believe cats need to be seen every day is because when cats get sick, their health deteriorates rapidly. Cats are known to be pros at hiding their physical ailments so if your cat becomes sick, they will most likely hide their illness until they cannot hide it any longer. If a pet sitter is checking in on your cat daily, they will notice that something is wrong sooner than if they are only visited every other day,etc, and will be able to take the cat to the vet immediately if need be.

If my friends do not greet me I go to them and often find them in clever hiding places.
4) Too many other things can go wrong if your cat is only being visited once in a 48 - 96 hour period. For instance, your cat may knock over their water bowl, become trapped in a closet or cupboard, have an accident on the carpet or become seriously ill.

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  1. That is good policy. While our cat is quite independent she does check in often to see if we will give her affection. When she is assured, she goes on with her cat business

    1. I'm so glad you can see why I have this "every day" policy! I have seen so many cats at the initial "Meet and Greet" consultation whose owners tell me that I will be fortunate if I see their shy cat at all but I am always pleasantly surprised when the cat proves their owners wrong. Even the unsociable ones want to know someone cares.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for saying that! Cats need all the attention they can get especially when their owners are away.

  3. These are all great points. The cats you "sit" are lucky to have you!!


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