Friday, July 3, 2015

How Long Is Too Long to Leave Your Dog In the Car On a Hot Day?

Many dog owners convince themselves that they will be in and out of a store in a "few minutes" while their dog waits in the back seat of the car but even ten minutes could be TOO LONG for a pet left in the car on a hot day. By then the temperature inside a car could reach 140 degrees or more which is hot enough to cause a dog to suffer heat stroke. Within moments your dog could sustain permanent brain damage and if emergency care is not given your pet could die. The short visit you plan to make at the store could stretch to 15 minutes or more before you know it and your mistake could cost your dog his life!

Also, many dog owners think it is safe to park their car in the shade with the windows cracked open a few inches BUT it isn't! The car cannot cool down fast enough to protect your dog! 

Of course your dog would like to go with you everywhere, but when the weather turns warm it is better park your pet at home! To report an animal in distress, please call your local police department or animal services agency.


  1. Mom printed them out to put on cars when she sees pups locked inside
    Lily & Edward

    1. I love that she did that! How awesome! I am going to do the same!


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