Friday, June 19, 2015

Two Reasons Why Dogs Love to Walk

Before I launched Teacher's Pet Sitting Service in 2005 I always smiled while watching dogs walk with their owners because they looked like they were having the time of their lives so you can just imagine how excited I was to see how delighted my newest friends, Ace, the black pug, and his sister, Fenway, were each time we traveled around the neighborhood together! 

From left to right are clients Chalupa, Joust, and my dog, Daisy
I am convinced that dogs love walking better than they love treats and, YES, you read that correctly! In all of my 11 years as a dog walker I've never had to lure my clients to their leashes with treats when only a "Hey, are you ready for your walk?" would do!

One of the many reasons why dogs (pictured above is my adorable friend, Martini) love their walks is because they get exposure to many things such as scents of dogs, cats, or any other animal who has crossed their paths, neighbors, road workers, mailmen, women with strollers, etc, which makes them confident and balanced.  

Another thing that I know dogs love is walking with friends (as shown above with Fred, on the left, and Geisha who had fun getting waist deep in mud with me). There is a shift in energy I feel and see in the dogs behavior and attitude and when I go back to round the friends up on the next walk they are barking with excitement!

Remember, dogs are social beings who crave our attention and walking with them provides all of the attention and interaction that they deserve!

If you live in Dover and surrounding towns and are interested in having me walk your dog(s) please contact me to set up a free "Meet and Greet" today! 


  1. We like to stand around and wait for people to pet us
    Lily & Edward

  2. Interesting - as you may have seen on my blog, I'm helping out a friend with her dog at the moment (training, socialising) and it's good to know how much dogs generally love their walks! I'll have to remember that for future - using that as a reward, as she isn't always as food-motivated as other dogs I know. (Not that she isn't at all, I just wouldn't say it's her no.1 or even no.2 motivation.)

    I like Lily and Edward's approach also! :P


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