Monday, January 12, 2015

If Your Dog's Feet Are Sensitve To The Ice and Snow Give Muttluks a Try!

If your dog's paws are sensitive to the ice melt, ice, and snow there is a solution! A client of mine recently asked me what he could do to keep his dog's paws comfortable and I immediately recommended he purchase boots from Muttluks, a premier company located in Toronto, Ontario, who know what winter is all about. 

The reason why I know about this company is because I'm a big fan of Atticus who was able to climb 48 mountain peaks in comfort alongside his best friend, Tom Ryan, who penned their travels in  Following Atticus.

If your dog is losing out on long walks on the snow and ice please consider buying these boots! Your dog will be paw-ticularly happy to have them! 

Want to learn more about Atticus? Click here to head over to his Facebook page!


  1. Perfect life is perfect story, this is just too awesome Lost and found

  2. Hey thanks for sharing this post. I was searching for articles to buy shoes for dogs and i came across your post. Though where i stay it doesn't snow but it surely rains and Joss (my lab) really hates to step out of the house. The only thing that worries me is whether he will wear them as he usually avoids everything that covers his fur. I would be glad if you could suggest or share something on it. Looking forward for your next post :)


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