Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively In The Backyard?

Over the past 10 years I've listened to my clients say, "Almost as soon I open the door to the back yard my dog races to the fence to bark at the neighbor's dogs and then they either stand on their hind legs to get a closer look at them and worst of all, they start running up and down their fence barking excessively. Is my dog being vicious? Is he trying to get on my nerves by making so much noise? What should I do? Why is this happening?" 

According to Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer, "Barking through the fence is his way of fulfilling himself with excitement outside his house, because in his house, he is not getting what he's looking for. Why is your dog so excited? Well, he's probably lacking in exercise. I'm not talking about backyard exercise; I'm talking about a nice, long walk. Why doesn't he come when you call? You're not fulfilling his needs - the neighbors outside with their dogs are!
If you don't engage him physically and psychologically every day, his excitement will take over. His needs at that moment are coming from a predator point of view, not a follower point of view."


 Time and time again I’ve watched owners get so frustrated with their dog's barking they command their dogs to go inside when, in fact, their dog was having fun with their neighbor and what makes me feel even worse is that the owners don't follow up by taking their dog out for a walk soon after retreating to the house. 

My client, a greyhound mix, Gibson, and my dog, Daisy, and I head out for long walk.
 As soon as my clients take my advice they remark that their dog is satisfied, happy, and quiet at home!

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