Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keep Your Dogs Happy With the Kong Food Dispensing Toy!

Does your dog devour his or her food within a matter of minutes? Do you worry that your dog is bored while you are away from home especially if he or she is in a crate? 

Many of my clients have asked me what they should do in these situations and I've often recommended that a Kong filled with peanut butter is one of the best solutions until I saw a dear client fill a KONG Wobbler Food Dispensing Toy with her dog's MEAL (yes, you read that right!) and then right before she had to head out to do an errand she filled it again with her dog's treats! 

The picture above shows how the Wobbler worked when filled! It sat upright until pushed with her paw and nose and then wobbled and rolled around dispensing treats through a hole near the top! This kept my client busy for thirty minutes! Isn't this great?

To see it in action click here! I hope your dog(s) enjoy this toy as much as my client did!

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