Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Silliness and a Beautiful Surprise With Sadie

When I visited Sadie last Wednesday we were unable to walk for very long because by the time we got to the nearby stop sign it started to down pour so of course we ran back home and began playing with one of her many toys until she stopped at the counter to ask for a milk bone which she promptly received and then IT happened; she counter surfed and grabbed my money and that was when the mayhem began! To her great delight I kept laughing and begging her to drop my dollar bill but instead she started chewing it! I was afraid she was going to swallow it but luckily

 she didn't! 

After that silliness was over we noticed the rain had died down so we headed to her back yard for a some extra play time and suddenly Sadie looked beyond her fence and started barking at this beautiful creature! Her owner said they see deer at night so I was amazed and delighted to spot this one during the day! 

As I mentioned earlier, I can always count on Sadie to make me smile and this time to show me the unexpected!

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  1. We are trying to learn to steal money too
    Lily & Edward


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