Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No Bones About It, My Dog Is Polite!

Daisy has been living in Dover for almost three years and has learned where she can snag a milk bone and one of her favorite places to wait for one is at the barber shop. I'm convinced that she also loves to gaze at the barbers because, I have to admit, they are a sight for sore eyes but that's besides the point. 

Just about every time Daisy waits for one of the barbers to open the door with a treat in hand but on this particular day no one came outside and she couldn't understand why even though the barbers held up their hands to indicate their milk bone box was empty. Still, she waited and waited and waited until she lifted her eyes up to the "Don't Kick" sign and walked away figuring that if she disregarded the sign she wouldn't get a bone the next time she stopped by. 

So there you have it! She can read, she's polite, and I've trained her well!


  1. So in other words you know all the important places
    Lily & Edward

  2. Nawww.... Must have been disappointing.


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