Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chelsea's 9 Day Vacation With Her Pet Sitter Was Doggone Fun!

My precious little friend, Chelsea, has been relaxing at my home with

my coon hound, Daisy, my twenty pound cat, Buster, and my old man, Henry,  since last Saturday and she will be with us until tomorrow evening and it has been a joy to have her with us. 

At first, her mom hired me to visit Chelsea at her home three times a day but right before she was ready to go on her cruise she got nervous about leaving her pooch at home all night so I offered to let her move in with us and I'm so glad she said, "Yes", because if she didn't Chelsea would've stayed at a boarding facility which she may have enjoyed but I can assure you that she wouldn't have had 

the chance to go on road trips to meet new friends to walk with,

to sit by my side to watch me do office work, 

to wait for her first of many treats,

       to rest in her very own dog bed, 

and to see how funny Daisy looks in her bed!

Another bonus to staying with me is that she got a bath tonight so that she can return home looking even more glamorous than she already is!

Needless to say, when I drop Chelsea off at her home tomorrow I am going to have a hard time leaving her but I know she's going to be happy to be reunited with her mom!


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