Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daisy's Dangling Carrot

When Daisy senses that I'm about to cook she is often terrified because she knows that one or three things will occur: the timer will buzz, the food will burn, or the pots and pans will crash to the floor. During these harrowing times Daisy smartly runs for cover and I mean that literally. Her crate is her savior. 

However, on Saturday night she did the unthinkable; she didn't hide but instead stared at me while I peeled a carrot. I thought this was strange since she's had a love/hate relationship with carrots (and my cooking) for five years. 

I then thought I would see what emotion she felt for the carrot and what do you know? 

She loves carrots (at least for that moment) and apparently she's not going to hide when I prepare to cook vegetable soup!


  1. It's good to stick around sometimes, BOL

  2. Daisy is just so beautiful. And I agree with Lily, sometimes it does pay to stick around, LOL. Buddy hates vegetables, but he might eat carrots. He LOVES fruit. Apples, especially. Give him a finger full of yummy something to eat and bury a pea in it? He will find the pea with his mouth and spit it out, while swallowing the yummy parts.

  3. That a girl, Miss Daisy. Carrots are the best. Next time mom makes her soup, ask for a few green beans as well. Yum.



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