Thursday, July 29, 2010


Welcome to Thankful FUR 3 Thursday! Why did I create this Thursday blog hop, you ask? Simply put, my three kiddos (Henry, Buster, and Daisy) want to meet three or more friends on their favorite day of the week and I thought their idea was pawsome! This blog hop is FUR our loyal followers but it is also for NEW Google Friend Connect followers as well!

If you want your blog to be featured in next Thursday’s Thankful FUR 3 you must:  1) Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect 2) Leave a comment requesting to be featured next Thursday along with permission to copy your profile picture 3) Only the FURst 3 requests count because that's our lucky number!

I like to keep things simple so here are the 3 guidelines FUR the blog hop:

1. To join in the Thankful FUR 3 Thursday, include your link in our list, follow the hostesses (The Teacher’s Pets and my lovely Shepherd-Hound mix pal Zona and my 5 minutes down the road furiends Life With 5 Dogs) in the first 3 spots and then start blog hopping! WE PROMISE TO FOLLOW YOUR BLOG IN RETURN! Visit other blogs on the list and comment to give them some blog love. Then take a minute to follow them through Google Friend Connect – this is a good way to keep up with other blogs, but also lets us show support to each other! Please DO NOT list your giveaways here, links must be to either your homepage or your Thursday posting with your blog title. All others will be deleted.

2. When people comment on your blog and let you know they’re a part of Thankful FUR 3 Thursday, return the favor and follow them back. This way everyone gets traffic and followers out of participating, and it’s a win-win situation. We would think it was pawsome if you grabbed our Thankful FUR 3 Thursday button and post it on your blog and/or in a post but please don't feel obligated to do so! The more bloggers that find out about Thankful FUR 3 Thursday and participate, the better!

3. Have Fun!

Unfortunately, I had a ruff time figuring out Mr. Linky today so I went with instead but I am not savvy enough to find a way for you to take a code with you! Grrrr! If you know how to help this technically challenged blogger use the right Mr. Linky code for next Thursday I am all ears!

Okay, now that I have your attention, let me introduce you to 3 of my newest followers! I do love these blogs and if you feel the same way please stop by and say hello!

1. Charla loves chatting on the phone but she also loves sharing her ideas for home, health, and happiness on her amazing blog!

2. Bragging about Bonny is second nature for me because she not only gives advice on blogging but she also responds via e-mail and via comments. Gotta love a hands-on gal like her!

3. Meet my Great Pyrenees mix friend, Fenris, and his cats Scylla, Socks, and Artemisia! They have lots of furry adventures and you'll love reading about every one of them!


  1. Hmm, what happened? I put my link here and came back to comment, but now my link is gone. Oh well, I resubmitted it. Thanks again for hosting!

  2. My link went away too :( I signed up again.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Following you now... thanks for hosting!

  4. Awwwwwwwwww!What a fun and fizzy idea!!!!! How lovely and a great way to meet n greet! Brilliant!

    take care

  5. Hey I know Fenris too. I can't help with the Mr. Linky thingy. Wish I could. I just love these. Zona did a grrreat job today.
    Have a super duper weekend my dear furend.

  6. Thanks fur re-submitting your blog addresses, Marge and Maggie Mae! I am having a love/hate relationship with Mr. Linky right now and at this moment I'm in the "hate" mode because he wouldn't cooperate by giving me the right code and he also gave me 2 codes at once which was upsetting sooo that's why I have the simple link that no one can take with them....grrrr...So please help me figure out which Mr. Linky to use fur next time so we can meet more and more furiends. Thanks soooo much! Daisy and Mom

  7. Sorry we have not commented this week, but we have had a hard time pulling up your post=we were kicked off America Online twice trying to load your blog page and today it took a long time=we'll keep trying though!...Hope you guys are happy and well...Wishing you all a fun weekend ahead, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Added my link to as I thought my Google Friend Connect blog might be able to help you all.

    BTW the GFC gadget in your side bar is a different GFC account. Since you are on Blogger you should be using only the followers gadget you use at the top. The other one should be removed and the account deleted.

  9. Thanks for stopping by Quick Tattletails and for featuring my blog!

    I appreciate you following me back!


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