Monday, January 13, 2014

NH Family of Four Seeks Help To Prevent Kaito From Going Blind

Through Facebook I reconnected with my long lost friend, Michelle, and discovered that her puppy, Kaito, has juvenile cataracts and cannot afford a vet bill of $5,000 so I offered to help her raise money through this blog post. If this money isn't raised her sweet boy will go blind.

Michelle's family could only a dog who was hypoallergenic dog and found Siberian Indian Dogs to be the right breed for them. Soon after that discovery Kaito (pictured above at left) moved into his forever home on February 23, 2013.

Not long after Kaito's adoption his owners discovered that there was something not quite right with his eyes and soon found out he has juvenile cataracts and would need cataract surgery soon. Of course this devastated his family because they knew they could not afford a vet bill the could be over $5,000. If they cannot get the funding they will be forced to  place him with a family who could afford the expense of the surgery. 

Of course, Michelle's family do not want to give Kaito up for adoption so they found Fundrazr, a social media crowdfunding site, to be the answer. So far, they raised $780.00 and there are only 18 days left to reach their goal

Could you help this family reach their goal? If so, please click here! If you can't please pass this post along to someone who can! Thank you!


  1. Thank you, Lily! I'm sure his parents will be happy to read your comment!

  2. I hope they raise the money they need...

  3. Thank you April for writing about our sweet Kaito. It is a miracle that we even have him due to my husband's allergies and to have this happen just a few months after receiving him into our home was devastating. He is truly a member of our family and we appreciate all the help in trying to raise the funds. With only one true source of income in our home due to my husband's disability status, anything we receive will be a HUGE blessing!

  4. I thought I should update on here where we are with Kaito. His latest visit to the vet showed his pressure was up and his other eye (the right eye) is showing that the early stage cataract is growing. So now we head back to the specialist to see if he needs the surgery ASAP. I guess there is a window of opportunity and then it could get difficult and more involved. We have raised 1/5th of what we need so far. We are thankful for those who have donated and/or shared our link. Please keep Kaito in your thoughts - his next visit is 2/25.


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