Thursday, January 9, 2014

Daisy Drives On Through To Get Her "Paycheck"

As many of you know, Daisy is my Teacher's Pet Sitting Service dog walking assistant and at the end of the day we either go inside the bank to deposit our earnings or we go to the drive-through.


 Since it is rare to see a dog pull up to the window Daisy is the first one to be greeted with, "Hello Daisy! How are you today?"(yes, they do know her name) and then I am acknowledged.

In Daisy's mind I'd guess she thinks this milk bone dispenser is the best thing she's ever seen.

I'd also guess that she doesn't care about how much money I put in the bank because milk bones are much more interesting!   

Does your dog go to the drive-thru with you? If so, do the bankers know your dog's name? 

Please share your banking experiences with me because I'd love to compare notes!  


  1. BOL oh Daisy, I love that place. Are they selling any franchises?

  2. My mom was shocked when I told her the bank gave Lucky a treat when we went to deposit a check at the drive-thru. ha ha!


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