Saturday, November 16, 2013

TV Reporter Interviews Cat About Water Rate Increases

Reporter Garrett Brnger was having a hard time finding people to talk on-camera about a water rate increase. So to add interest to the issue he decided to get the hard, fluffy truth from a cat because he figured Mr. Fluffy would think outside the litter box.

The amusing interview went on like this:

“You’ll probably be paying, along with your kittens, about $15 extra,” Brnger said. “How do you feel about that?”

The cat sniffed the reporter’s microphone but withheld comment.

“Oh, you don’t use any water,” Brnger said. “You don’t like baths.”

The cat warmed up to Brnger and rubbed against his leg.

“This is inappropriate,” the reporter joked.
As you can well imagine, it seems Brnger's interview with Mr. Fluffy paid off purrfectly and I'm sure you agree! 

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