Saturday, September 14, 2013

Little Bea Barks About Her Big Weekend With April

Hello! My name is Bea the Frenchie and I'm here to tell you some of the things my sister, Violet, and I did when a nice lady named April stayed with us two weekends ago. Are you ready? 

Okay, so the first thing we did was stare at her for hours (oops, I mean minutes) with the most pathetic "give us a treat now because we are starving" faces we could make until she gave in but the problem was that she gave us too many soooo we naturally thought we needed to

do some P90x yoga with a guy named Tony Horton but Daisy said she couldn't take his heavy breathing for one more second which I took offense to because I'm a heavy breather and she seems to like me, I think. But anyway, I digress! So after that Tony guy was ejected from the DVD player we practiced poses on our own. I have to admit that my table top pose is impressive but Violet and Daisy obviously don't understand what the downward dog thing looks like.

After working up a sweat I thought, hey, why not jump on April's lap and obstruct her view during the finale of Six Feet Under? Hey, that's what my bat ears are for, my friend! Who needs to watch all of that sad stuff anyway, right? 

When the show finally ended Violet put her big 'ol face in front of April to beg for a treat for all of us before bed. At first April ignored her but within minutes

she was standing in front of the almighty treat cabinet! Score!

So that about wraps up what happened on our weekend with April! What fun, right? We can't wait for her (and Daisy) to stay with us again!


  1. I think you have April wrapped around your paw.

  2. Dogs always have an uncanny way of knowing when to block the TV,

  3. Pet dogs have always an uncanny technique of figuring out as soon as for you


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