Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alaska Town’s Cat Mayor Attacked By Dog

Mayor Stubbs, a yellow tabby who’s served as mayor of the Alaskan town of Talkeetna for 16 years, was trotting around town on Saturday, August 31st, when he was mauled by an unknown local dog.
Stubbs, now 16, who was elected in a write-in campaign, is receiving veterinary care for a punctured lung, bruised hips, a deep five-inch gash on his side and a fractured sternum.

His chest tube was removed on Tuesday, allowing the feline mayor to breathe on his own for the first time since the attack.

Stubbs sits in his elected office, Nagley's General Store, in Talkeetna, Alaska.

Stubbs also released his own statement via his Facebook page ---
"Thank you everyone for your well wishes during my recovery. While at this point in time it is impossible to know whether my attack was politically motivated, I do hope that the government will seriously consider providing me with some Secret Service protection in the future to assist in preserving my remaining 8 lives," the cat said. "I am thankful for the opportunity to continue leading the great town of Talkeetna onwards to brighter tomorrows."

A collection jar sits on the counter at Nagley's and all money that's left over after medical bills are paid will go to the Mat-Su Borough Animal Shelter. 

Donations or cards can be sent to:

Mayor Stubbs
c/o Nagley's Store
Box 906
Talkeetna, 99676

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  1. That is something! Sending good thoughts to Mayor Stubbs
    Benny & Lily

  2. Awww no! I hope Mayor Stubbs gets better real soon!


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