Friday, August 9, 2013

Two senior dogs, overlooked and passed by, in danger at California facility

From left to right: Georgio (13 years) and Armani (10 years)
Hello dear readers, 

I normally don't write two blog posts in one day but when I read about Georgio and Armani's  urgent need to be adopted together I just couldn't help but bring them to your attention immediately. 

For sake of time I borrowed the entire article from the National Dog News Examiner (somehow I don't think Georgio and Armani would mind one bit). 

Please take a moment to read about these precious dogs and share this with anyone you can think of who can adopt them:

"Two, adorable senior dogs have been overlooked and passed by at the South Los Angeles, Calif., Animal Care and Control facility.

The dogs, "Georgio," who is 13, and "Armani," who is ten, have been at this facility, growing increasingly depressed, since mid-June.

The frightened dogs, who lost everything that they had ever known on the day that they entered the facility, were kept together for a period of time, but then they were separated when Armani was taken to the medical portion of the facility to have his eyes examined (he is partially blind).

The separation further broke the dogs' hearts.

A volunteer described the moment the two dogs were reunited:
The two were ecstatic to be back together, kissing each others' muzzles, whining if one ventured more than a few feet away from the other. Both these boys are gentle souls who deserve something better than a cage in which to spend their golden years. They are exceptionally handsome with soft, curly, coats.
Unfortunately, in all of the weeks that the seniors have been at this facility, nobody has made the decision to offer them a home and now they are in grave danger.

In order to walk free from this facility, this lovely pair of seniors needs the help of strangers. Please take a moment to network on their behalf:"
  • Armani link here
  • Georgio link here
  • Georgio ID A1401229
  • Armani ID A1401220
  • South L.A. shelter 1850 West 60th St. L.A. 90047 (213) 485-0214
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  1. OH this breaks my mommas heart into a million pieces....we are praying that these little sweethearts find their furever home really fast.
    stella rose

  2. Oh gosh these stories kill us
    Benny & Lily

  3. These stories are heartrending! I hope the boys find a loving home. Will share!


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