Friday, February 24, 2012

Daisy Finds Her Blogging Voice

While transitioning to my our new home in Dover, New Hampshire, for the past six months, my coon hound, Daisy, has been barking incessantly for no reason (or so I thought) and I made up excuses for her behavior every step of the way.

Naturally, moving from her familar home in Manchester to new territory isn't easy for any canine but I never expected she'd act out by barking at every squirrel, dog, skateboarder, bicyclist, jogger, shop owner, and mailman who crossed her path on a daily basis. Believe me, I tried every behavior training trick in the book but the noise continued until I noticed the above cartoon. Now I understood what my dog had been telling me for months; she wanted her blog back and it was my job to give it back to her. So from here on out Daisy will have a voice, an internet voice, that is!


  1. It takes a while in a new area for a dog to establish her dominance and alphadom. ;0

  2. Welcome back lovely Daisy!! Great to see you in blogland!! Take care

  3. Poor Daisy. Katy thinks she's discovered a mystery in the back yard and has become obssessed with one area behind our fence. DH and I have both looked and can't find anything of notice without actually getting behind the fence to find out what she's anxious about and trying to get our attention over. It does concern me that we haven't figured out what she's trying to communicate.

  4. YAY!! Daisy, get bloggin'!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  5. Can you believe it, furends? My mom promised she would let me bark in the house! Or did she mean something else? Well, whatever she means all I'm really happy about is the chance to get back in touch with my furends! Woof!

  6. Haha...funny news from Blogville's Barkaholics Counselor!
    Glad your back!


  7. So glad you have your Bark back!!

    Chloe and Cecil

  8. Welcome back! We have been wondering how you are doing.


  9. Oh poor Daisy. You sound like my Lily
    Benny & Lily

  10. Woof! Woof! Hey There .. Golden Hello! Just in case you are looking for us we moved our blog to WP. Looking forward to your visit soon. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. That's perfect! Welcome back, Daisy ... we've missed you! :)


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