Saturday, August 24, 2013

Missing Dog Reunited With Family After Microchip Settles Dispute

Have you been searching for days, weeks, months, or years for your lost pet and need some encouragement? This story about a Boston Terrier named Mickey who was found in his neighborhood after he had been missing for six months will give you the boost you need:

Mickey's owner, Natasha Curtis, was at a Dunkin Donuts in Portsmouth, NH, last Saturday when she spotted a man she didn’t know walking a Boston terrier she immediately recognized as her missing dog, Mickey.

Upon seeing her dog she yelled out his name and Mickey was pulling the man towards her and then Natasha ran around the fence to get a closer look. She knew it was Mickey. 

The man called his wife, Alice Giordano, to the scene and police were called when the discussion turned into an argument. 

The owner called police who, after an investigation, were able to determine that Giordano was not the pet's rightful owner. Goodwin said police were able to use a microchip to identify the dog at a veterinarian's office.

Giordano was arrested for theft and charged with receiving stolen property. If convicted she could face up to a year in jail. 

While I'm stunned that someone would steal a dog without trying to find its rightful owner I am relieved and happy that Mickey is finally back with his family who love him dearly.

I hope this story encouraged everyone who is trying to find their lost dog! 

As a reminder:  

* Microchip your dog! 

* Search for your dog within a 2 mile circle of their home especially because they normally will never run for an extended length in a straight line no matter how strong or fast they are so please take a closer look in your neighborhood.


  1. So glad Mickey got back to his rightful owner.
    Bambi had a chip with someone elses name on it and she lived with me for almost 14 years.

  2. Floyd and I both have our chips!
    It's the law in Australia, you HAVE to chip your dogs and cats!


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