Monday, July 15, 2013

Why Dogs Don't Belong in the Car on Hot Summer Days

Every summer I read about dogs who have been left in the car while their owners run into a store for "a minute" but inevitably the minute turns into 10 minutes and so on while the dog(s) suffer needlessly or worse. It seems like it would be common sense to leave dogs at home on warm days when errands must be run but unfortunately the dangers of having dogs in the car  fails to reach some owners in time.

If you come across a dog in a hot car showing signs of distress – heavy panting, gasping for air, weakness or unconsciousness – alert the manager of the nearest store, requesting an announcement on their PA system. 

If this isn't possible, contact the police. You could save a life!


  1. yes, this is very important for us all to remember!!
    stella rose

  2. I bought a "too hot for spot" thermometer for my car. I am very careful about transport during the summer. Typically, Dexter doesn't even go for joy rides, only destination rides. Tonight he had to go to the vet for a minor ear infection. I cranked up the AC and got the car down to 60, but by the time we got out it was in the "too hot for spot" zone. Cranked the AC back up again and it cooled down, but its a good reminder.

    BTW - the thermometers are available on amazon if you search for "too hot for spot"

    Mango Momma

  3. Why can't people get this through their heads
    Benny & Lily


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