Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What Daisy (and Her Mom) Thinks About Fireworks Before the 4th of July

Have you ever had a neighbor who is so obnoxious that you wish he/she would move far, far away or wished you could do the same? 

For the past two years I've been avoiding "Alan" at all costs but last week I couldn't restrain myself because he was setting off fireworks right in front of Daisy, scaring her in the process, as we walked by his home. I've learned that it's always best not to "make waves" when living in close proximity of neighbors but he had been setting them off for weeks, late at night, while drinking but this time I caught him in the act so after he apologized for scaring Daisy (who tried to pull me with all her might back home) he set off another round of fireworks and that was when I asked him to stop because, after all, it isn't the fourth of July YET. He apologized again and then I marched back home, irritated, hoping that he would really stop once and for all but no such luck and then of course Daisy sat next to me (as pictured above) until the noises stopped for hours until he resumed again in the middle of the night! The cops issued a warning to "Alan" but unfortunately he didn't get the message loud and clear (pun intended)! 

Thankfully, Daisy and I will be taking care of our friend's, Rocket and Turbo, at their house tomorrow night so we won't hear triple the noise on the 4th! 

I'm sure all of you can relate to this story but I'd love to know if you've encountered the same thing in your neighborhood and what you did about it. Do tell! 


  1. Yep we get fireworks going off. They have been of about a week. For me I am not scared of fireworks or loud noises. But my MOM has pointed out that (especially this year) we are very dry and those flying kind of fire works can cause a lot of damage. We have found the remains fireworks in our yard. Grrrr.

    1. You are so lucky to not be bothered by loud noises, Goose! I wish Daisy and all other pets were just as lucky!
      Your mom made a good has been very dry everywhere and the fireworks could do worse than bother people/animals! Fire!
      Hope you have a great 4th of July!

  2. We have that neighbor. Mom even wants to give him a one way ticket
    Benny & Lily

    1. A one way ticket is a wonderful idea! Too funny!


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