Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beloved Mac Crosses Over the Rainbow Bridge

Seven years ago, when Teacher's Pet Sitting Service was located in Manchester, I was overjoyed to meet the very handsome and lovable Mr. McTavish (otherwise known as Mac) and his 

From left to right: Mac and Bridie

precious sibling sister, Bridie, who tolerated wearing Christmas costumes just to make their humans happy, and a few years later

From left to right: Izzy, Bridie, and Mac with their human
 Izzy came aboard (get it? aboard?) and I was happy to see that her brother and sister welcomed her with open paws. 

One of the amazing things about Mac was that despite his short Scottie legs he could maneuver through the deep snow in his backyard with great ease! Nothing could stop him, for sure!

Sometimes I switched up our walks by taking him and his siblings on a joy ride to the nearby high school where they could ramble and run in the fenced in field. The combination of the joy rides or the chance to run free made his day!

When I moved to Dover two years ago I continued to "visit" him and his siblings through his mom's Facebook page and I was happy the threesome were doing so well until I got the news that on Tuesday morning, July 23rd, Mac unexpectedly had a heart attack and crossed over Rainbow Bridge. He was only 9 years old.  

Mackie had many health troubles over the years that was not at all rare for an aging dog but it still did not make it any easier to accept that this sweet boy passed away.

Of course, his passing was a complete shock to his parents, his human sisters, and his four-legged buddies, Bridie and Izzy. It is my hope that the memories of his life comfort his family during their time of grief.

May you rest in peace, dear boy! You will be missed!


  1. What a terrible shock. Mackie mad his journey over the bridge with such haste, his family must be devastated. Run free, little one.

    Mango Momma

  2. It sounds like Mac had a wonderful life, but how awful for them. Sudden death is never easy.

  3. so deeply deeply sorry :(



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