Friday, June 7, 2013

Dog Mountain of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Suffers a Great Loss

Five years ago I visited Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, and was impressed that Stephen Huneck, the artist, author, and founder of Dog Mountain, had a deep passion for animals.

One year later, I was shocked to learn that he took his own life after he became despondent after having to lay off many of his employees for economic reasons. He affected so many lives, both human and furry, but the one who suffered the most was his wife,Gwendolyn Ide Huneck. Sadly, she passed away on Saturday, June 2nd, at age 62. 

Gwen never got over the loss of Stephen who died tragically in January 2009 and missed him every day. After Stephen's death, she devoted her life to continuing his legacy as a great artist. She continued to manage the gallery and kept active in community affairs. She vowed to help turn St. Johnsbury into one of the most dog-friendly places in Vermont.
  i like sticks- dog party

Gwen became a beacon for people who had lost loved ones and pets and we think she absorbed a lot of that emotion and she may have had difficulty in releasing it.
  Gwen and Steve in House from book

For those who would like to post your condolences please visit the new Memorial Facebook page for Gwennie

Gwen will be sorely missed but knowing that she is now with her soul mate provides a great deal of comfort to all who loved her.


  1. Such sad news but THANK YOU for bringing the story of these two amazing people to the rest of us.
    Love Noodles

  2. I would die too if something happened to Tom!!!!! He is my everything!!! So sad-- bless her heart. They are together now--that is a good thing.

  3. What a lovely devoted couple! Bless their hearts. Take care

  4. What a sad story. What a wonderful job they both did four us fourlegged kids though.
    stella rose


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