Saturday, May 25, 2013

Guest Blogger, Jesse, Explains What It's Like to Be a Pet Sitting Assistant

It's a gloomy, rainy day in New Hampshire so that means I have had plenty of time to scroll down to my old blog posts and came across this popular one about my guest blogger, Jesse, who took her job seriously as my pet sitting assistant for over 3 years when I lived in Manchester. I miss that gal and I miss my former clients so I thought I'd pay tribute to them today: 

I'm Jesse, the only guest blogger with four legs and a tail. I was chosen to be a guest blogger because I've been my pet sitter's sidekick for a long, long time! I know a lot of my pet sitter's clients and I thought you would enjoy meeting all of my kitty and doggie friends but not all at once, of course!

Before I take you on a field trip to meet a few of my friends I want to remind you of my other friends: my special kitty friend, Papi, and Papi's dogs, Molly and Cooper. Out of the three, Papi is my favorite, but you already know that!

Now, let me introduce you to a fawn pug named Isabella who has lots of wrinkles on her face. I am confused by her wrinkles and I think about them while we walk together. Does she have wrinkles because she worries too much? Or does she have wrinkles because she's an old lady? Either way, I love her lots! She also snorts like a pig when she sniffs other dog's unmentionables or when April tells her how pretty she is. She's pretty? What about me? Aren't I pretty too? I'm happy to report that she was well-behaved today; no kissing, no hugging, and no "circle dance" and I like it that way!

After we said goodbye to Isabella I jumped in the car and suddenly I'm hearing voices and I'm awfully confused. I can't figure out where the voices are coming from! Then I hear a whirring noise and I see a  round thingy pop out of a black box. Scary! 

I watch her put another round thingy inside the black box and the voices start again. The voices never ever stop and I can't understand why April is paying so much attention to a talking black box. I wonder if she knows that I'm sitting right behind her, bored silly. I can't stand it anymore so I peer over my pet sitter's shoulder and she explains that she's listening to a talking book called an audio book. She says she can't stay away from books for one minute but I don't understand why when I'm around!

Our next stop is to see an English bulldog who goes by the name, MacGowen, but I think he should go by the name "Wild"! I've never seen a dog bolt out of his crate or crazily race up and down the hallway like this dog! Does he think he's in a race? You would think he was about to pee his pants by the way he practically pushes the front door open! It's not good manners to open the door for the pet sitter, doesn't he know that? 

 April says MacGowen is an amazing off-leash walker but today he decided to run off to sniff a box of Cheez-It's for a few minutes. MacGowen is the naughtiest boy I know but April just laughs at him! Isn't that strange?

At the next house I met a new kitty cat friend named Phoebe and I think she is gorgeous, don't you? You can't tell from the picture but she has prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen! I could've stared at her for hours but everything changed when I turned to look at Phoebe's dog, Monkey. When our eyes met, I saw stars and hearts floating above his head, my heart went pitter-patter, and I was so nervous that I couldn't even bark! You guessed it! I was head over heels in love with a dog named Monkey!

My sweetie lives near a place that April believes to be the biggest secret dog park in Manchester and I think she's right. Not a dog in sight except us! How romantic!


It's pretty obvious why I am so smitten by this Monkey Man. I mean, what girl dog can resist that long body and those little droopy ears?

Or his bowed out feet?

Or his handsome profile?

When we got back to Monkey's house April told him she would see him again on Monday. I don't know how long it will be before that day comes but I know one thing for sure: Monday is Monkey day!

  At the end of our field trip, April hands me a few treats and then she starts writing in a big white notebook that my humans always look at when they come home. I don't know what they're reading but the words make them happy and that's all that matters to me!

Thanks for reading about my special day!





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